Email Marketing is still practised by companies & people, offering solutions & services, since it’s the fastest medium to reach clients and readers. People who have already signed up for your products can easily be converted again and again if the product information is sent to them at right time. Moreover, visitors to your website or blog may also be increased by sending them newsletters of their choice. Each year, millions of dollars are spent by companies, ranging from startups & personalized services to large corporates & consultancies, in reaching their audience via email for:

  • marketing the products of users choice at the time of launch
  • raising funds through donations, etc.
  • sending newsletters or digest (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • sending seasonal offers on product range

Email Marketing is not only done with the purpose of enhancing relationship between a company and its audience but also to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business as well. Sometimes, you may also get new customers when your customers send referrals and you may also add advertisements to the newsletters you send to your audience.

We encourage our customers to send periodical newsletters to their double opt-in subscribers.