A small tool or a plugin that adds new features to an existing program. Eg, For an email marketing program such as MarkMyMail, an add-on could be a feature with which newsletter templates are uploaded and managed using the same system.

Software that detects, repairs, cleans, or removes virus-infected files from a computer. An email may contain virus, trojan or a spyware that needs to be scanned using an anti-virus and be removed for flawless reading.

Double Opt-in
To opt-in and verifying the subscription by clicking on a link sent by the service provider that you have intentionally subscribed to a mailing list. (See Opt-In) All your subscribers must be double opt-in so because people mischievously put email addresses of their friends, colleagues, etc.

An image is embedded within a mail message so that if it’s opened without an internet connection, the images/content get displayed correctly. Embedding an image may increase the size of the email considerably and many service providers delete messages more than allowed size limit.

Prevents unauthorized access to a computer over a network. Can also be used to block emails which contain confidential company data such as MS Excel files, MS Word files, etc.

Hosting an image on a server so that newsletters opened in programs such as Outlook or Gmail open images on the fly. Reduces the email size dramatically but requires internet connection to view the hot-linked image.

IP Address
An identifying number of a computer attached to a network. eg, IP addresses are used to identify trusted and non-trusted email senders. Each domain name, such as, is associated with an IP address.

To opt in, or subscribe, to a mailing list. An older method to subscribe to a mailing list wherein users get subscribed to a list as soon as they submit their email address.

Junk or unsolicited e-mail sent to large groups of people offering such things as money-spinning ideas, holidays, and so on.

The unique address of a web page.



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