While interacting with customers, we are asked this question several times when we tell them that we prefer a Double Opt-in database of subscribers, What  is Double Opt-In?

While the history of email and email used as a Marketing tool dates back to the early 90’s, Double Opt-in practices for mass mailing are slowly gaining support. Moreover with the plethora of information available, we need to ensure that our customers are indeed getting email from sources which they subscribe to.

Double Opt-in is one method of ensuring that. In the Double Opt-in process, a consumer of your service will specifically subscribe to your service by entering his email on your site (during sign-up or subscription later). Once that is done, an email is sent to the email id which was entered with a unique link, which needs to be clicked on. Once the same is done, the user is added to the list.

Single Opt-in on the other hand is just a process where a person subscribes to the list, but does not really confirm if that was really him or someone else. This can lead to unwanted email which if marked as Spam by the person receiving the same can make things even more difficult. What could be worse, service blocking by the receiving MTA if there are too many bounces.

Hence, Double Opt-In is safe and recommended for an ethical mass mailing practice. If you have any questions on this or our service, please write in to mmm@mediologysoftware.com.

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